Who are we ?

Citizens of Words is a community made up of human beings that simply love words. We love analyzing every word we read and loosing ourselves in every story we take on.

We read not just to read. We read to learn, to expand our knowledge and go places with our minds we have never been before.

What do we do ?

Reading Groups 

Our reading groups are a monthly experience open to different members each time. The Citizens will read together the book of the month chosen based on different topic’s and authors that will ignite interesting discussions. Throughout the reading month our Citizens will be given the chance to express their opinions and thoughts on the book in a private group setting. The aim is to learn from other’s points of views and to have fruitful discussions. The reading groups are all held online, through private groups, allowing Citizens from all over the world to join us !

Book Swaps 

Our book swaps are an exciting experience aimed to challenge our Citizens to read books they never thought of picking up before. so whether you feel like you want to start a new book but you are unsure what it should be or have just read a great book and want others to read it too, then sign up for a book swap!


Book Reviews 

Through our reading groups and our book swaps, we compile the different opinions and feedback on our chosen books. Based on these varying inputs we put together book reviews that provide different view points making our reviews unbiased and relate-able to different types of readers.